Dunamis Fibre MS-SYN-S3

Dunamis Structural FRC fibers are micro poly propylene, glass and steel reinforced fibers. The fibers are ideal for floor slab tunnels, precast products, shotcrete, pavements, explosion resistant structures, mine blocks and road works.

Our clients in Malaysia, Middle East, Australia and South East Asia supports our strong presence in various industries in the mentioned countries. Dunamis Fiber Reinforced Concrete (FRC) has greater crack resistance, durability with resistance to impact and gauging.

Technical Specifications

Attributes Value
Materials 100% virgin polypropene
Melt Point 170oC above
Fibre Length 56mm/td>
Thickness Mean 0.56mm/td>
Width Mean 1.20mm/td>
Density 0.9g/cm2
Melt Flow Index 3.5
Tensile Strength 500-540+ MPa
Elongation approx 9-10%
Modulus of Elasticity 4.2 - 5.5 GPa
Alkali Resistance Excellent
Acid Resistance Excellent
Fibre Type Embossed
Colour Colourless , Translucent
Packing 3kg/4kg/5kg boxesß
Electricity Conductivity Low
Grasp Force between fibre and cement 500-540+ MPa
Moisture content 0.0%
Standard Dosage 5-8 kg/m3