Dunamis FRC Fibers, Your Performance Absorption Needs

Dunamis Structural FRC fibers are macro and micro poly propylene, glass and steel reinforced fibers. The fibers are ideal for floor slab tunnels, precast products, shotcrete, pavements, explosion resistant structures, mine blocks and road works.

Our clients in Malaysia, Middle East, Australia and South East Asia supports our strong presence in various industries in the mentioned countries. Dunamis Fiber Reinforced Concrete (FRC) has greater crack resistance, durability with resistance to impact and gauging.

Dunamis MS-SYN Macro Polypropylene Fibre

Materials : 100% virgin polypropylene
Melt Point : 170oC
Fiber Length : 47mm, 56mm, 65 mm
Packing : 3kg, 4 kg, 5kg boxes
  • High energy absorption rate in concrete mix for shotcrete
  • Optimum performance in heavy-duty industrial pavements
  • Provides increasing levels of cumulative energy in reinforcing
  • Replace welded wire reinforcement and steel bars depending on usage

Dunamis MS-H Micro Polypropylene Fibre

Materials : 100% virgin polypropylene
Ignition : >360 deg C
Fiber Length : 6mm, 12mm
  • To reduce plastic shrinkage cracks
  • Increased impact resistance

Dunamis Glass Fiber MS-GA-1 Structural Fiber

Materials : Glass Composition
Density : 2.7 g/cm3
Tensile Strength : 1.4 GN/m2
Acid resistivity in % weight loss : 0.6
Akali resistivity in % weight loss : 0.8
  • Corrosion resistant
  • High ZrO2 content
  • Greater alkaline resistance