Mighty Shield Industries was incorporated in 2002. Our factory is located in Shah Alam, Malaysia.

We focus on export markets with presence in various countries supplying our products worldwide.


Dunamis™ FRC macro Polypropylene (PP) fibres are manufactured in our plant exporting to countries in Australia, South America, Far East
and South East Asia . Dunamis™ PP fibres also conforming to EN standards with tests assessments conducted by accredited testing
laboratories in EU, Australia and Malaysia.

Dunamis™ macro Polypropylene fibres

Our Dunamis™ PP fibres provides:
1.Concrete strengthening
2.Toughening concrete against impact damage
3.Abrasion resistance against wheel loads
4.Flexural strength increase
5.Excellent resistance to acids and alkalis; rustproof
6.Cavitation & erosion resistance
7.¬ Easy to mix, costs & time savings.