Mighty Shield Industries is a manufacturer of High Density PVC Water Discharge Lay flat Hose which comes in various lengths from 50m to 100m with diameter range of 2,3,4, 6 and 8 inches for irrigation, construction and mining sectors, an expanding portfolio. These Lay flat hoses are ideal for dispensing from low to high lands with resistance to wear and tear as well as durable against tube and cover pressure.

Our brand Mighty Shield supports many industrial platforms and plays a vital added value in client's preference for quality and convenience products for varying application. For management of road and highway traffic safety system, we also produce Road barriers, Hoarding Boards, Rubber Humps and a variation of Traffic Cones.

Other products manufactured by us are Wheelbarrows and Debris Chutes. These two products are ideal for loading and disposing out debris from high rise buildings and construction sites. Mighty Shield Debris Chutes are produced from high quality HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) which supports heavy impact for both warm and cold conditions. The flexibility and easy stacking saves valuable space for transporting and storage. Moreover, the chutes can be mounted onto scaffolding, windows, floor slab and counter weighted frames. When in use, it can contribute to a cleaner environment and safety purpose for surroundings.

Included in the Mighty Shield portfolio is the Micro Polypropylene and Steel Reinforced Concrete Fibers. The fibers are ideal for floor slabs tunnel, precast products, shotcrete, pavements. explosion resistant structures, mine blocks and road works. Our clients in Malaysia, Middle East, Australia and South East Asia supports our strong presence in various industries in the mentioned countries. Mighty Shield Fiber Reinforced Concrete (FRC) has greater crack resistance, durability with resistance to impact and gauging.

We believe in quality Mighty Shield products adding value to our clients business with support in customer service and technical advice. Through our sales and technical experience with quality products and expertise, we have strong relationships with clients and distributors locally and internationally. Together with our key accounts, we build collaboration with dealers to support our growing presence in agriculture, mining, manufacturing, highway safety and construction. Without a doubt, we will continue to take positive steps in building our products and services to ensure growth in our business focus, especially for export markets.